The Leaves Forget is here

Aug 25, 2023

Hi fiends! PS Publishing (who own Absinthe Books) have announced The Leaves Forget in their newsletter. There will be a hardcover and a signed and numbered limited edition hardcover (only 100 copies!) both with that sweet Ben Baldwin art as a full wraparound cover, and an ebook of course. If you’re keen for one of the physical copies, you can order now. I haven’t actually had the signing sheets yet, so the limited edition books won’t ship any time soon, but you can order them.

The page is live here on the PS Publishing website:

Here’s the blurb:

Olivia has been missing for months. Her family have tried to accept that perhaps she’ll never be found, and they’ll never know what happened.

So when her brother Craig unexpectedly receives a stack of letters from Liv, all written not long after her disappearance, he’s both excited and frightened. Reading through her correspondence, Craig begins to get a sense of where she was, but he still doesn’t know where she is now, or if she’s even still alive.

Using what clues he can from the old letters, Craig sets off with his partner and his father to find Olivia, hoping for the best, fearing the worst.

Also, the book has a Goodreads page here and I would love it if you could add it to your shelves if you do Goodreads.

Huge thanks to editor Marie O’Regan for picking this one up and the awesome folks at PS/Absinthe. I really hope you’ll give it a go.

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