THE GULP signed paperbacks up for pre-order now.

Dec 7, 2020

The Gulp is officially published on January 12th, 2021, which is only 5 weeks away. Exciting times! Most stores are showing pre-order details now, although for some reason Amazon are being a pain in the arse about it and showing the paperback as “Temporary unavailable” instead of there being a pre-order button. I don’t know why and I’ve tried to get Amazon to fix it, but we all know how easy that is. Anyway, the Kindle is up for pre-order and the paperback will go live on the 12th even if the pre-order never comes up. Which sucks balls, but I’ve decided there’s no point in getting upset about things I can’t change. OMMMMMMM! There’s always Book Depository, after all.

Meanwhile, I know lots of folks are keen for a signed paperback. I can make that happen! I now have an online store to help me manage direct sales and you’ll find The Gulp here.

HOWEVER, please be advised that signed books have to ship from here in Australia. That’s no drama at all for Australians, of course. But if you’re overseas, the shipping can be brutal. If you scroll down to the bottom of Item Details on the book page, there’s a spot for you to put your country and postcode and it’ll calculate shipping for you, without you needing to actually put anything in your cart. This way you can check very easily what the whole cost will be. Bear in mind that if you’re in the US, the shipping will be more than the book! All prices are in Australian dollars and I think you’re looking at about AU$62 for the shipped book to America, which is about US$45. I know that’s a lot, but it’s a signed copy and the prices are entirely out of my control. Aussies, you’re looking at about AU$34 including shipping, which isn’t too bad at all!

If you’re overseas and you want a signed book, but can’t stretch to 45 of your American dollars (entirely understandably) there is another option. I have these book plates that are basically stickers you put in the book that you buy locally. So if you want to buy The Gulp (or any of my other books) from your local book store, Amazon, etc., then you can buy this option and I’ll send you signed plates to put in them. The price is a flat rate for as many as your want.

So get your orders in now! But please remember, the book isn’t officially published until January 12th, so you can pre-order now and signed books will start to go out that week. Hopefully yours will arrive on or close to the publication date, but I apologise if it’s a few days behind. Of course, you’ll find a bunch of my other stuff at my online store as well, so feel free to order any signed books that take your fancy. Don’t forget, a signed book is a really cool Christmas present. If you put the instructions with your order, I’ll even gift wrap it and you can put the shipping address as your friend or loved one to receive to the book directly.

Any questions, hit me up. And thank you!


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