The Fall: Tales From The Gulp 2 cover and contents

Jan 18, 2022

I know a lot of people have been excited for a follow-up to THE GULP. That really makes me happy, because I’m super proud of that book and I’m so glad it’s resonating well with readers. I had every intention of writing more if the first set of stories was well-received, and that’s exactly what I’ve done. Five more stories are coming in April in THE FALL, volume two of the Tales From The Gulp. I had hoped to put the book out sooner, but there’s good reason for waiting until April which I’ll talk about soon when I allowed to. Meanwhile, check out that sweet cover! Again, it’s using artwork from my talented wife, Halinka Orszulok. Find more of her stuff at

The five new stories make a kind of complete arc across all ten stories, so there’s hopefully some sense of closure with these two volumes. But, of course, there will be more from the town of Gulpepper. Too many people and events I want to explore further. Here’s the full blurb for THE FALL.

Strange things happen in The Gulp. The residents have grown used to it.

The isolated Australian harbour town of Gulpepper is not like other places. Some maps don’t even show it. And only outsiders use the full name. Everyone who lives there calls it The Gulp. The place has a habit of swallowing people.

A man enjoying early retirement makes the mistake of visiting The Gulp.
A fishing boat crew find themselves somewhere entirely unexpected.
A farmer has an argument with his wife that turns violent and then entirely catastrophic.
A Venture Scout troop from Enden travel a little too far on their bush excursion.
Everything that’s been getting stranger than usual in The Gulp begins to run completely out of control.

Five more novellas. Five more descents into darkness.
Welcome to The Gulp, where nothing is as it seems.

The five new stories are “Gulpepper Curios”, “Cathedral Stack”, “That Damn Woman”, “Excursion Troop” and “The Fall”. Pre-orders will be available soon for both the paperback and ebook. Watch my social media feeds for that news. Meanwhile, you can read an excerpt of the first story here.

Here’s the full wraparound cover:

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