Signed book plates for overseas readers

Jan 20, 2022

It’s a fact that sending signed books from Australia to anywhere outside Australia is heinously expensive. I’m more than happy to send signed books anywhere in the world, of course – you can order them by clicking the orange “Signed Paperback” button on any book page. But if you’re outside Australia, the postage will likely double the cost of the books. So an alternative is required. That’s where book plates come in. A book plate is a sticker that I sign and post to you, which you then stick into the book you’ve bought in your own country (therefore you only pay local postage rates for the book).

So that design you see on the top left is my latest book plate. They fit in a small Thank You card, which I can post anywhere in the world at “Card Only” rates, which is about AUS$5 all up. The book plates themselves are AUS$1 each. So, for example, 5 signed book plates would only cost you AUS$10 (which is about US$8). Bargain! Most people tend to put the book plate opposite the title page or inside the front cover, but you can pick anywhere really. Entirely up to you. You don’t even have to stick them in a book. Stick them wherever you like!

So if you’re keen for one (or more) for books you’ve already bought or plan on buying, here’s the place to do that. CLICK HERE TO ORDER YOUR BOOK PLATES. The maximum is 5 per order. If you want more than five, complete an order for five, pay, then start again for however many you want. This keeps the shipping at AU$5 per order, but you will have to pay that AU$5 each time, plus the AU$1 per book plate. That’s the cheapest arrangement I could manage.


Clicking that link will take you directly to the cart where you can select the number of book plates you want. Make sure to select the cheapest AU$5 shipping option. Also, tell me Who to sign them to and What books they’re for – you do this in the checkout section, at the top right, where you see a box for “Notes about your order”. That way, I can personalise each individual book plate. Right here:

That’s it! Simple. Any questions, drop me a line. I’m always happy to accommodate signed book requests to the best of my ability. The tyranny of distance makes it tricky sometimes, but we’ll always find a solution.


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