Second Life Book Club recording

Jul 25, 2021

I have to say, Second Life is not some weird aberration from 20 years ago. It’s a vibrant and active online community, showcasing some truly wonderful creative talents. I got invited to be a guest on the Second Life Book Club and had an absolute ball. The interview was great fun, the avatar they created for me is badass, and the set they built based on THE GULP is just stunning. So Cool! There was even a bit where a sea monster came out of the ocean near the lighthouse and read an excerpt. Brilliant. I fully intend to spend a lot more time there, discovering the community and cool places. Meanwhile, if you missed the live stream, the recording filmed during the chat in Second Life is on YouTube now. I’ll embed the video below, and I’ll post a bunch of screenshots from the event below that. Check it out.

Here’s some photos I grabbed while we chatting.


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