SALLOW BEND out now!

Aug 18, 2022

SALLOW BEND, my first full-length novel in four years, is here! And it’s early. It was supposed to release on September 2nd, but a bit of a cock up means it’s dropped today. Not a bad thing at all. I am super proud of this creepy small town folk horror book and I really hope you’ll give it a try. And please, please, please do tell friends and family and colleagues (and enemies for that matter) about it. I’d really love to see it do well and word of mouth is incredibly powerful. Even if you only tell one person, the ripple effect can be amazing.

Here’s the blurb:

Something old and deadly has awoken.

When two teenagers go missing from the small, rural town of Sallow Bend, the residents come together to search for them. Little do they suspect that finding the wayward girls will be the start of their problems. An old evil is rising, and only one man seems to realize that everyone is in danger and this is not the first time it’s happened. With the carnival in town, people want to have a good time, but for many, this will be the worst time of their lives.

“(Sallow Bend) is an immersive page-turner where details about the characters and the eerie history of the place are effortlessly fleshed out. Paired with the unceasingly intensifying dread, the story quickly escalates from unsettling to terrifying. Baxter, already an award-winning horror author in his native Australia, seems poised to take over America as well.” – Booklist

“I truly love folk horror if it’s well done, and surely Alan Baxter conjured up something quite magical with his newest book Sallow Bend. It is a story that not only leaves reader’s at the edge of their seat, but also takes quite a few risks, and pulls them off beautifully.” – Julia C. Lewis

“Sometimes when kids get lost in the woods, they come out again. Sometimes that’s not a good thing. Sometimes they’re not alone anymore. Baxter’s Sallow Bend has more than a touch of King about it.” – Angela Slatter, award-winning author of All the Murmuring Bones

You can order from a variety of places, and I’ll update all the links on this page as the book populates out to various vendors. Give me a shout if you’re having any trouble tracking it down. And if you want a signed copy, no problem. You can buy a signed paperback directly from me by clicking right here: If you’re in the US, you can get a paperback directly through the Cemetery Dance website, which is ideal for them.

Otherwise, here are a few store links to get you started:

Signed Paperback from me.

Direct from the Publisher. (In the US this is a good option, but overseas shipping is killer and you’ll do better to use one of the online stores below.)


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