RECALL NIGHT cover and release date.

Jun 25, 2020

I am so excited to be revisiting the ghost-infused world of Eli Carver in RECALL NIGHT, the second supernatural noir novella in what we hope will be an ongoing series. And here’s the cover. I love it! Click for a bigger version. This book is a direct sequel to 2018’s MANIFEST RECALL. Here’s the blurb:

Back from self-imposed exile in Canada where he fled to avoid the law following the blood-stained events in Manifest Recall–the first installment of award-winning author Alan Baxter’s latest supernatural thriller series–Eli Carver returns to the states with thoughts of starting over. But an accidental encounter on a train with a mysterious woman, one he soon learns has her own dangerous past, threatens to unravel his well-intended plans.

Upon their arrival in New York, the duo quickly find themselves entangled in an ongoing war between two rival crime syndicates. And with the ghosts of his own past continuing to torment him, Eli finds himself taking the darkest of turns as he’s drawn down a perilous path into a world of ancient religion and deadly occult rituals.

Living legend of horror, Brian Keene, read an advanced copy and had this to say:

“Eli Carver is back with a vengeance! That’s bad news for some but good news for readers. RECALL NIGHT is brutal, gritty fun and a phenomenal follow-up to MANIFEST RECALL.” — Brian Keene, author of The Complex

This second instalment of gritty, high-octane supernatural crime noir drops on August 25th, and the pre-order will be up soon. Huge thanks to Grey Matter Press for bringing this book to the world.

“If you like crime/noir horror hybrids do check out Alan Baxter’s MANIFEST RECALL. It’s a fast, gritty, mind-f*ck.” – Paul Tremblay, author of Cabin at the End of the World

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