On Substack and nazis

Dec 28, 2023

This is the problem with definitives like “this is my last newsletter for 2023” – something always comes along to fuck it up. In this case, nazis. Honestly, there was a world war that should have been the final word on nazis and yet here we are.

In short, it’s been known for a while that Substack not only platforms nazi and far right voices, but actively promotes them in order to profit from them even as they profit from their hate. Nowhere is free from the influence of these shitstains, but there’s a line between the fact that they exist and actively promoting and profiting from their hatred. A recent open letter demanding some comment from the owners of Substack on this subject resulted in a mealy-mouthed response that basically said, “Yeah nah, good cash, the nazis stay.” Which makes it unsustainable for a lot of us, me included, to continue to use the platform. I am so fucking tired of rich and bigoted arseholes coming along and stinking up the spaces where we try to interact and engage with folks.

Anyway, here we are. So I will be moving away from Substack. Which is infuriating because it’s a great interface and it’s free. But I can’t ethically support them given their clearly-stated stance. But moving away isn’t easy. It’s the middle of the holidays and finding alternatives takes time and research. Half the problem is that most of the good alternatives are subscription models that lowly creatives like myself simply can’t afford. I think I’ve found a potentially good WordPress plugin to use directly through my own website, but I’m still exploring that.

I know the temptation to unsubscribe from Substack newsletters is strong. I really do get it. But you’re punishing the creator when you do that, not the platform (in the short term). If you unsubscribe now there’s no way for us to let you know where we go. Please, friends – bear with us. We don’t want to be on the nazi platform either, but figuring out where to go takes time and effort. Please hang in there and give us some time.

If, in a month or two, people are remaining on Substack with no indication they plan to leave, then sure, maybe that’s the time to unsubscribe. But rest assured, I’m looking into alternatives and will hopefully manage to migrate to a new platform seamlessly enough that you may not even notice. I really hope you’ll bear with me.

Big love, everyone – I hope your 2024 is epic and nazi-free. I’ll see you in a while.


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