It’s my lumbar, Jack, and I’m okay

Jul 9, 2013

Hey fellow writers and other desk jockeys. Do you sit in a chair like this?


See that little curved net thing in the back of my chair? It’s a lumbar support. It cost less than ten bucks from Office Works and has an elastic strap that slips over the back of the chair. Then it sits there being all supportive and encouraging good posture like a finishing school principal. It seems kinda pointless, but it’s actually bloody brilliant and has really helped my comfort and posture while I write.

I’m a martial arts instructor and a personal trainer as well as a writer, so physical health is something very much a part of my life. But I’m just as guilty as many others when it comes to getting involved in the writing and not taking care of myself like I should. Regardless of how much I work out and look after myself outside of writing, long hours in an office chair are bad for anyone. So something like this is bloody good to have. And it’s so cheap. I highly recommend it.

Talking of cheap, this post was largely so I could use that blog post title, but it’s also a serious point. Take care of yourselves, motherfuckers.


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