A Killer Among Demons is now ‘e-vailable’

Jun 4, 2013

A Killer Among DemonsI stole that blog post title from Angela Slatter, who I share the table of contents with in this fantastic anthology. The antho is called A Killer Among Demons and it’s out now from Dark Prints Press. That table of contents is pretty awesome:

Stephen M Irwin – ’24/7′
Angela Slatter – ‘Cuckoo’
William Meikle – ‘Truth Decay’
Alan Baxter – ‘The Beat of a Pale Wing’
Marilyn Fountain – ‘The Intruder’
Greg Chapman – ‘A Matter of Perception’
Chris Large – ‘New York, New York’
SJ Dawson – ‘The Tape’
Madhvi Ramani – ‘Angel’s Town’
Stephen D. Rogers – ‘Grievance Visitation’

And that fantastic cover is by the incredibly talented Vincent Chong.

Here’s the description:

10 tales of paranormal / supernatural crime from some of the world’s best authors:

A man finds that revenge may cost you your soul, in an endlessly repeated day… A missing girl case leads to a cult being discovered, of malnourished beings that feed on flesh… A man drives a corpse around on its road to redemption… A ghostly intruder won’t let an ex-lover rest… Dirty detectives pay one last visit to a demented dentist… Mysterious deaths are solved by a grievance visitation… A mobster’s secret weapon is discovered, a turf war hinging on magic… A spirit possesses victims to find their killers, but discovers the devil himself… A detective finally unleashes the spiritual powers he’s tried to ignore, conjuring the demise of his world… And a makeshift surgery helps those afflicted by the drug of Musik…

Can you guess which one is mine? Seriously, I can’t wait to read the rest of these and I’m very proud to be a part of such a cool book. The ebook edition is available now and you can pre-order the print edition, which should be out any time now. All the details here.


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