Isiah needs a series name

Aug 14, 2013

Anyone who’s read RealmShift and MageSign, I need your brainmeats. Well, your brain activity to be specific. If I had to name the series, what do you think would be a good name? There may or may not be more Isiah books to follow this duology, but either way, I’m after suggestions for a series name so that Goodreads can link the books that way. It’s good for exposure, apparently, and helps people discover new reading on Goodreads.

There won’t be any physical changes to the books (although I suppose future editions might bear the new sub-heading) and there’s no promise that it will ever expand beyond a duology. I’d need a very good idea to revisit Isiah’s character, but I’ll never write off the possibility. Regardless, even two books that are connected are a series, so there’s a case to name that series. The obvious title would be simply Isiah (Isiah Book 1 and Isiah Book2). But it strikes me that’s a bit dull.

My current thinking is The Interferer. So it would be:

RealmShift: The Interferer Book 1


MageSign: The Interferer Book 2

Thoughts? Suggestions?

Hit me up in the comments or send me an email, Twitter reply, Facebook message, etc. You good folks know all the places I hang out.

EDIT: There wasn’t much comment here, but there was a good chat had on Facebook and Twitter. So after some deliberation I’ve decided to keep it simple and call these books, The Balance. So RealmShift is Book 1 of The Balance and MageSign is Book 2 of The Balance. Will there be a Book 3 of The Balance? Well, never say never…


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