Ditmar Awards open for nominations

May 17, 2024

The Ditmar Awards, similar to the Hugo Awards but on a national rather than international scale, are open for nominations. Anyone active in Aus fandom can nominate (and yes, that means you if you’re a fan of Aussie writing). You can nominate via an online form (link at the the end of this post) and if you’re not sure if you’re eligible to nominate there’s a bit where you can name a reference, so feel free to name me there. If you did think my stuff from 2023 was worthy of nominating (thank you!), here’s my eligible work from last year:

THE LEAVES FORGET (Absinthe Books, September 2023) is eligible in Best Novella or Novelette

And these are eligible in Best Short Story:

“All the Eyes That See” – Cosmic Horror Monthly issue #42, ed. Charles Tyra (December 2023)

“Clean-up Crew” – SNAFU: Punk’d, ed. A J Spedding (Cohesion Press, October 2023)

“Old High Hills” – a horror short story published exclusively on Patreon

There’s a fairly comprehensive list here of stuff published in 2023, so do please nominate everything you think worthy. The more people who get involved with nominating, the more the awards represent the views of the wider reading community.

And you can do your nominating here:



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