Devouring Dark cover reveal!

Jun 28, 2018

It’s a busy week in the BaxCave! My new novella, Manifest Recall, is now officially a living book in the world, launched on Tuesday. Early buzz has been great, so thanks to everyone who’s given it a shot. If you haven’t yet, early sales really help, so if it sounds like your jam, please grab a copy. Anywhere you normally buy books, or find some links here. And if you fancy sharing the news of that release around your networks, that would be awesome, thank you.

But as if that wasn’t enough (it’s not, it’s never enough! Mwahahahahaha! *ahem*) those amazing people at Grey Matter Press, the publishers of Manifest Recall, are also publishing my new horror novel in November. It’s called Devouring Dark and is basically a novel-length sequel to my Australian Shadows Award-winning short story, “Shadows of the Lonely Dead”. And yesterday, Sci-Fi & Scary had the exclusive cover reveal as part of their 2018 New Sci-Fi and Horror Novels to Look For Part 2 – It’s honour enough to be included on that list, but they took hold of the reveal duties too, so huge thanks to them. And here it is! I fucking love it!

It’s out on November 6th, so there’ll plenty of chatter about it then. Meanwhile, I hope you all enjoy Manifest Recall, and thanks for reading!

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