An open letter to the HWA regarding Thomas F. Monteleone

Jan 31, 2023

To the HWA President, Vice President, Trustees, et al

As an Active Member of the HWA, I’m writing to add my voice to all the other members demanding Tom Monteleone be expelled from the organization and barred from attending future HWA events. His recent words and actions on social media, and the podcast which I won’t share as I’m sure you’re already aware of it, have revealed his true character in no uncertain terms.

It is particularly saddening to see someone who was considered a legend in the field reveal themselves to be as racist, transphobic, and bigoted as Monteleone has. But more important than lamenting the self-immolation of one person is the direct harm those comments and actions cause to so many others.

Allowing Monteleone to remain in the organisation and to attend HWA events will be putting a large number of people directly in harm’s way. It will also show the HWA is complicit rather than active in the face of hate speech.

The organisation’s by-laws allow for action to be taken, and I suggest action needs to be taken swiftly and decisively to protect the integrity of the organisation and, more importantly, the safety and well-being of its members. I know stuff like this isn’t easy, but the standard you ignore is the standard you accept and I cannot accept this. So I stand up to be counted.


Alan Baxter

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